With more than 20 years of experience in designing and building automated welding machines for a wide range of industries, SolarEdge Automation has a deep knowledge of many different fabric welding technologies.

Our welding machines are highly flexible and can be equipped with multiple welding technologies and accessories to satisfy the manufacturing needs of our customers.


  • Versatility
    A comprehensive choice of technologies makes our welding machines suitable for multiple applications and a wide variety fabrics.
  • Modular Structure
    Our welding machines are available in different sizes according to our customers’ production requirements. Extension modules can make the machines as long as necessary.
  • Reliability
    Our welding machines are tested through and through and are highly reliable manufacturing solutions that have proven their value through the years
  • Customizable
    SolarEdge welding machines can be customized according to our customers’ manufacturing requirements A wide range of accessories and welding tools and technologies are available.

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The choice between different types of welding technologies not only depends on the processed fabrics, but also on the seam types, the manufacturing volumes and the required quality of the final products.

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Hot Air Welding

Hot air welding is a technology that uses concentrated hot air to melt the top layer of heat-sensitive textiles and joins the layers together through pressure applied by welding wheels.


Liquid Glue Welding

Liquid glue welding is a technology that uses hot-melt glue to bond fabrics, and create flat, very strong seams. This type of welding technology is applied to fabrics that are not heat-sensitive and is commonly used for acrylics and polyesters used for the production of awnings.

icon-ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding technology is commonly used to bond non-woven fabrics and films.
Ultrasonic welding is a heat welding technology in which high-frequency vibrations at 40 kHz are applied locally on technical fabrics. High-frequency electrical energy is converted into high-frequency mechanical motion that is applied to the heat-sensitive fabric layers, causing the fabric to melt. The layers are then pressed together by the welding wheels that create the seam.

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