The evolution underway in the manufacturing industry (the 4th Industrial Revolution, also called IoT, Internet of Things) enables machines to be increasingly interconnected and connected to network systems. This process is escalating the level of competition between companies to another level: the ability of machines to communicate with each other and with the operator to provide useful information to improve the efficiency of business processes.

It is for this reason why more and more companies are investing in technologies today that allow the control, management and exchange of information through computerized systems. Thanks to the analysis and exchange of collected data, digitalization helps optimize and simplify production processes, enabling companies to remain competitive.

Our new EDMS, the SolarEdge Automation Machines proprietary software, equips the machines with advanced features such as:

  • Real time status analysis
  • Process monitoring and machine(s) parameters
  • Analysis of production efficiency

Main features

  • Control, locally and remotely, of machine(s) functionality and production information
  • Monitoring of production times
  • Real-time reporting on machine activity (process in progress, tool used...)
  • Reporting over a given time range (hours of work, breaks, alarms, jobs performed...)
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Accessible from mobile devices (cloud)
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Streamline Your Production

Thanks to EDMS you can have a concise and complete view of your fleet. This is an important added value which can prevent bottlenecks in production processes and can help companies take targeted countermeasures to increase efficiency.

The main advantages of collecting machine (or machines) status data, can be summarized mainly in two areas:

Optimisation of production

The EDMS system can automatically perform a large data collection ("big data") and process the data to create targeted synthesis that are useful to increase customers’ productivity:

  • Real-time status analysis for a full control of production processes
  • Performance indicators to identify inefficiencies and plan corrective actions
  • Statistics for checking production efficiency

Preventive and predictive maintenance

This software allows you to apply predictive and preventive maintenance to production plants enabling to:

  • Planning maintenance operations in advance
  • Avoid unexpected downtime by anticipating potential problems
  • Properly manage inventory of spare parts in stock, avoiding surplus or material shortages