SM-500-ZA | Welding Machines for Custom-Sized Insect Screens

Machines of the 500- and 520-series are considered a breakthrough in the automated production of insect screens—the first and only machines in the world that manufacture quality retractable screens ready for installation in a continuous cycle directly from the roll.

The SM-500-ZA is specialized in the production of custom-sized retractable insect screens and carries out multiple steps in the production process simultaneously, resulting in significant reduction of needed manpower and manufacturing time. The machine pulls the screen from the roll, trims the left and right edges, welds the lateral reinforcing strip, applies the coextruded profile to the top of the screen, and the pocket with keder insert to the bottom. Finally, the machine will cross-cut the material at the programmed length and start the production of the next insect screen. Continuously, one after the other. Fast and precise.

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Custom-sized retractable insect screens
Installable tools and accessories
  • Welding head for the pocket with keder insert
  • Welding head for the coextruded PVC profile
  • Welding head for the lateral reinforcing strip
  • Cutting units with electrically driven rotating cutting blade to trim the screen edges
  • Motorized rotary blade with pentagonal blade to cross-cut the screen off of the roll
  • Router for long distance diagnosis, technical assistance and installation of upgrades
  • Touch screen macro to set the sizes and quantities of screens to be manufactured
  • EPMS
  • Barcode reading software
Technical specifications and configurations
  • Maximum screen width: 3,0 m
  • Maximum screen length: 3,0 m
  • Maximum welding speed: 6 m/min.
  • Width tolerance of the finished product: +/-1 mm
  • Length tolerance of the finished product: +/-1 mm
  • Diagonal tolerance of the finished product: +/-2 mm
  • Top-of-the-bill electronic and pneumatic components
  • Hi-performance welding tools
  • Simple, robust and modular design
  • Revolutionary production concept
  • High production output
  • Superior welding quality
  • Easy to operate, simple to program
  • Automatic production cycles
  • Reduces manpower: only one operator needed
  • Significantly reduces cycle time
  • Low operational costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Advanced safety features

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