SM-210 | Linear Welding and Gluing Machine for XL Panels

With its sturdy design and enlarged work surface and under arm space, the SM-210-SA is the ideal solution to weld and glue large and very large fabric panels. Ideal for pergolas, awnings, blinds, swimming pool and other covers, marquees, tents, shade sails or other large products, the SM-210-SA creates pockets, overlaps and hems, and can quickly apply zippers, keders, omega or anti-drip profiles. The result is a high-end, durable product of excellent quality.

The SM-210-SA installs hot air for thermoplastics and liquid glue technology for acrylics and polyester fabrics, installable individually or simultaneously on the machine, to ensure great versatility of applications. For non-coated acrylics, a polyamide glue is used. For Teflon-coated fabrics the SM-210-SA installs a system for polyurethane glue.

Besides the standard welding settings such as air or glue temperature, speed of the welding head, turning speed of the welding wheels, and wheel pressure, we added a key parameter: the torque of the welding wheels – in other words, the force with which the wheels pull the fabric under tension. The patented Intelligent Torque technology digitally controls and adjusts the fabric tension during the entire welding cycle and ensures seams of the highest quality, flat and very strong. The floating welding wheels make sure the pressure on the layers that are bonded together is exactly right and does not change even when they encounter obstacles such as previously created pockets or overlap seams.

With its array of settings, multiple technologies, and wide range of welding tools and accessories, the SM-210-SA delivers exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and unique, professional products of the highest quality.

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SM-210-SA Catalogue (English)
SM-210-SA Catalogo (Italiano)
SM-210-SA head
  • Pergolas
  • Advertisement banners
  • Tension structures
  • Pool covers
  • Industrial doors
  • Awnings
  • Roller blinds
  • Shade sails
Installable tools and accessories
  • Guides and welding wheels for overlaps
  • Guides and welding wheels for hems and pockets
  • Guides and welding wheels for reinforcing strips
  • Zipper welding tool kit
  • Omega welding tool kit
  • Torque controlled welding wheels
  • Cooling system for welding wheels
  • Laser pointer for fabric alignment
  • Optional system for the extraction of welding smoke
  • Router for long distance diagnosis, technical assistance and installation of upgrades
Easy Production Management Software
Technical specifications and configurations
  • Hot-melt welding head for polyamide glue
  • Hot-melt welding head for polyurethane glue
  • Hot air welding head
  • Ultrasonic welding head
  • Modular structure to customize usable welding length
  • Various welding technologies can be installed individually or simultaneously
  • Patented Intelligent Torque for digital fabric tension control and adjustment
  • Customized tools and accessories for numerous welding and gluing applications
  • Flat, strong, durable seams
  • Solid modular structure
  • Enlarged surface and under arm space to handle very large and heavy fabric panels
  • Total motion control
  • High quality components
  • Multiple welding menus
  • Floating welding wheels
  • Automatic welding cycles
  • Advanced safety features
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable to bond almost any type of specialty fabric
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