Our service department

Following the reorganization of SolarEdge Automation Machine’s Service Department in 2022, customers are benefitting from a comprehensive team made up of technicians, back-office support reps, and remote assistance specialist.

We know that machine downtime results in productivity losses, so our main goal is to guarantee our customers quick and expert service.

We can provide assistance remotely or at the customer’s site, depending on the specific need, and we tailor our service offerings to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

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Our service solutions

Machine installations
Remote assistance
Customized solutions
Scheduled periodic maintenance
Spare parts and tools
Discounted service agreement rates
Qualified consulting and training
Close Open Machine installations

Our product experts will install your new machine rapidly and efficiently. The installation includes: mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning, initial setup, and training on safety features and machine functionality.

Close Open Remote assistance

Our back-office technicians will manage your request in fewer days and, if necessary, will arrange a technical intervention at the customer premises.

Close Open Training

SolarEdge Automation Machines’ Service Department organizes training, if required, in various locations, according to customer requirements. The training is customized to the operators’ knowledge and skills.

Close Open Customized solutions

We provide customized solutions that anticipate potential technical problems and machine stops that prevent customers from reach their desired production efficiency.

Close Open Scheduled periodic maintenance

Annual maintenance planning should be scheduled in order to avoid production failures before they occur, reducing the risk of emergencies.

Close Open Spare parts and tools

We can provide a kit that includes spare parts and tools based on production forecast and machine usage.

Close Open Discounted service agreement rates

By securing our preventive maintenance package, you are entitled to discounted rates on maintenance, special maintenance  and spare parts.

Close Open Qualified consulting and training

Our experts will guide and train you on the correct usage of your machine and how to improve production processes. They will also keep you updated regarding any new accessories that might become available, including installation updates to your machines. We can even offer periodic training sessions for your staff. 

The advantages of preventive maintenance

With effective maintenance planning, you can increase your efficiency by 5-10% and obtain an average waste reduction of 5-15%. By signing up for our preventive maintenance plan, you will generate value in terms of productivity and production efficiency, which means a return on investment over time.

  • Reduced downtimes
  • Spare parts always available
  • Maintenance can be scheduled according to production plan over the year
  • High qulity of end-products
  • Low and predictable maintenance costs