SM-450-SA | Multiple roll digital welding machine

The SM-450-SA welding station is an industrial manufacturing solution that Solaredge Automation Machines introduced, based on our broad expertise in the design and construction of heavy duty welding machines for PVC-coated textiles and other thermoplastics for a wide range of industries. The machine is a symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust design, and quality mechanics. The SM-450-SA is able to process single or multiple jumbo rolls and creates overlaps, hems and pockets, pockets with rope or keder inserts, or applies keders or other profiles to the edge of the processed fabric sheets. Developed for continuous welding and cutting cycles, the SM-450-SA will streamline your manufacturing processes, deliver exceptional productivity and outstanding efficiency.

The machine’s flexible design enables the installation of multiple tool bridges and welding and cutting tools according to our customers’ production requirements. Besides the welding tools, which are the core of the machine’s operations, an optional station can be installed that is equipped with cutting tools to fly-cut patterns out of the just created panels. Cameras can be installed to monitor the quality of the seams from a single control station.

Whether you produce building wraps, stadium covers, walls for tents and shelters, RV awnings, tarpaulins, swimming pool covers, or flexible tunnels — the capacity of the SM-450-SA to process single or multiple textile rolls, its custom-built welding tools and accessories, and a series of specifically developed software programs, make this machine an industrial fabric welding solution unlike any other on the market, that will enable you to create products of superior quality with extreme efficiency.

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  • RV awnings and slide toppers
  • Tarpaulins
  • Pool covers
  • Building wraps
  • PVC tunnels
  • Stadium covers
  • Tents and temporary shelters
Installable tools and accessories
  • Welding heads for overlaps, hems, pockets and multiple profiles
  • Turning welding heads to apply curved profiles
  • Motorized unwinding system with edge control for jumbo rolls
  • Motorized rewinding system for the cut off strip
  • Fly cutting station
  • Stacking system for finished products
  • Marking tools
  • Collectors for the extraction of welding fumes
  • Router for long distance diagnosis, technical assistance and installation of upgrades
Customized for each application
Technical specifications and configurations
  • Bridges and welding head configuration according to finished products
  • Jumbo rolls up to 1.000 kg
  • Welding heads up to 8 kW
  • Welding speed up to 15 m/min
  • Specifically developed to weld PVC-coated textiles and other thermoplastics
  • Multiple welding heads for the simultaneous creation of quality seams
  • Able to process single or multiple fabric rolls
  • Robust industrial design
  • Highly customizable
  • Continuous welding cycles, exceptional productivity
  • High level of automation
  • Creates very large shapes in a limited space
  • A choice of precision tools and accessories
  • Unparalleled manufacturing efficiency
  • Advanced safety features

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