SM-110-CA | Automatic Linear Sewing Machines

With its powerful single-needle sewing head, the SM-110-CA is the machine you need for the application of the decorative braid to awning valances. The braid application is a critical step in the manufacturing process because the valance is the most visible part of the awning.

Designed to increase manufacturing efficiency and the aesthetic quality of the final product, the SM-110-CA will ensure a quick return on your investment. Manufacturers in the sun protection industry around the world rely on this machine to make awning valances of superior quality.

The SM-110-CA is a thoroughly tested, highly reliable manufacturing solution that enables fast, high-quality zig-zag sewing on a wide range of fabrics.

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Decorative braid on awning valances


Workstation with solid steel structure and wooden table surface

Manually activated back-tack

oll holder for the decorative braid

ustom guide for decorative braid and zig-zag seam


Durkopp Adler 524i single-needle stationary sewing machine

Zig-zag lockstitch with seams up to 10 mm

Maximum stitch length 5 mm

Stroke of the alternating sewing feet adjustable up to 12 mm

Sewing speed up to 4.400 stitches/min

Increased spool size


Superior zig-zag seams

Solid structure with quality parts and components

Ergonomic work position

Easy to use

Custom designed guides

Limited operational and maintenance costs

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