Technology Overview

Ultrasonic cutting is a heat cutting process whereby high-frequency electrical energy is converted into high-frequency mechanical motion. The ultrasonic blade, vibrating at 40 kHz, will therefore not only cut the processed materials but – while cutting – also sear the edges to create non-fraying cuts. Ultrasonic cutting is commonly used on materials such acrylics, polyesters, and Screens used for sun protection systems and create clean, precise cuts.

Ultrasonic cuts are parallel to the machine axes on the SM-375-TA and SM-400-TA machines. An ultrasonic tool specifically developed for the SM-332-TA enables the creation of diagonal cuts, curves, and complex shapes.

Discover our ultrasonic cutting machines below.

Our Machines - Technical Details

Our machines can cut:

  • On the SM-375-TA Digital Cutting Machine with Static Worktop: X-Y patterns (rectangular shapes), parallel to the machine axes.
  • On the SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machine: X-Y patterns (rectangular shapes), parallel to the machine axes.>
  • On the SM-332-TA Digital Cutting Machine with Conveyor Belt: X-Y patterns, diagonal cuts, circles, valance patterns.

Our ultrasonic cutting machines are available with fixed worktop or conveyor belt and, besides the ultrasonic tool, can house a variety of different cutting technologies customized to our customers’ production requirements.

Discover our cutting machines with ultrasonic technology.

Our Machine Range

Discover the complete range of cutting machines with ultrasonic technology:

SM-375-TA ritoccato


Digital Cutting Machine with Static Worktop

Automated cutting machine with static worktop. Features ultrasonic cutting and a wide range of other industrial cutting technologies, individually or simultaneously installed on the tool bridge, in a variety of combinations. This machine provides an enormous application versatility.


Digital Cutting Machine with Conveyor Belt

Automated cutting machine with conveyor belt, available with ultrasonic cutting technology and a wide range of other cutting tools that can be housed in the cutting hubs on the tool bridge. Designed to cut many different materials with unparalleled speed and precision.

SM-400-TA (1)


Dual Axis Cutting Machine

Automated X-Y cutting machine with static work top and ultrasonic cutting technology. Typically used to cut panels from acrylic and polyester fabrics to produce awnings. The SM-400-TA can also install an optional infrared heat treatment system to stabilize crystal (clear) PVC.

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