Technology Overview

Laser cutting machines are used to cut and mark many different fabrics and technical textiles, but are also suitable for rigid materials. This technology is commonly chosen as the preferential cutting technology to produce sun protection systems, often made with delicate, light-colored fabrics, and provides a smoothly finished and neatly seared cutting edge.

The laser beam does not physically touch the processed fabrics. This enables a cut with great precision, even when intricate patterns are created.

Laser cutting can be done with a gantry CO₂ laser head that moves over the fabric reproducing CAD drawings, or with a galvanometric laser head that uses mirrors to create patterns in a limited cutting area at very high speed and with great precision.

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Our Machines - Technical Details

Our laser cutting machines are engineered to fully meet our customers’ manufacturing requirements. They feature a modular design and a wide choice of customizable options and accessories. The machines are available with a CO₂ laser source up to 100W.

Our product range includes laser machines with a static surface or with a steel mesh conveyor belt and can be used for the following jobs:

  • Cut any shape and dimension, even small and intricate details, with great precision.
  • Mark fabrics indelibly, by delicately burning the top layer of the processed textile.
  • Cut a great number of very small holes in the fabric with unparalleled speed.

All laser cutting machines have a smoke collector positioned near the laser head which can be connected to the customer’s extraction system.

Discover all our cutting machines with laser technology.

Our Machine Models

Discover the complete range of our laser cutting machines:


Laser Cutting Machine with Conveyor Belt

Cutting machine with laser technology and conveyor belt in steel mesh. Suitable for continuous cutting jobs and the creation of very large panels with a machine with a limited footprint. Available with gantry laser head, galvanometric laser head, or a combination of both.

SM-375-TA ritoccato


Digital Cutting Machine

Automated cutting machine with static worktop. Featuring laser technology and a wide range of other industrial cutting tools and accessories that can be individually or simultaneously installed on the tool bridge in a wide variety of combinations, this machine provides unlimited application versatility.

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