Technology Overview

Blade-cutting is a cold-cutting technology that doesn’t heat up the cut edge of the fabrics being processed. Fabrics are not altered by heat which can happen with other types of cutting technologies, such as laser and ultrasonic.

Our automated digital cutting plotters, available in a static worktop or with conveyor belt, feature superior blade technology, with cutting tools installed on hubs that are hosted on the tool bridge. The fabrics are spread on the worktop and held in place by a powerful vacuum turbine and a pressing bar. The tool bridge then moves over the worktop to reproduce the cutting patterns shown on the CAD files.

On our X-Y cutting tables, the cutting tools are installed on a fixed bridge and the fabrics are cut while being pulled from the roll, a very efficient cutting sequence to create fabric panels that are stacked on the static work top for the operator to remove.

Discover more about our cutting technologies below.

Our Machines – Cutting Tools

Our automated cutting machines can cut and mark a wide variety of textiles and soft or semi-rigid materials, thanks to a range of different cutting tools that can be housed on the bridge.

Tailored to our customers’ needs, it is possible to have multiple tools on the bridge, with several cutting technologies simultaneously installed.

Our list of cutting technologies includes:

  • Drag Knife Used for complex patterns, quick details, and cuts that do not require edge cauterization.
  • Oscillating Knife Similar to a drag knife, but can be applied to thick and more rigid materials.
  • Non-Motorized Rotary Blade Used for very fast cuts, for straight, curved and simple patterns, such as rectangular and circular shapes.
  • Motorized Rotary Blade Similar to a non-motorized rotary blade, but can be applied to more rigid materials or thicker fabrics.
  • Kiss-cut Used to cut materials comprised of different layers, such as stickers. The kiss-cut unit will cut only the upper layer(s).
  • V-cut knife Angled knife used to cut V- shapes on thick materials. Usually applied to cut materials that will be folded after being cut, such as packaging cartons, or cardboard displays.
  • Oscillating V-cut knife Similar to a V-cut knife, but used on materials with an inner core which requires an oscillating knife to be penetrated and cut.
  • Milling head Used to create 2D or 3D patterns out of thick and rigid materials, such as wood, Forex, or Di-bond.
  • Punching tool Quickly creates holes in the processed material (diameters from 2 mm to 8 mm).

Our Machine Range

Discover the complete range of our automated blade-cutting machines:

SM-375-TA ritoccato


Digital Cutting Machine

Automated cutting machine with static worktop. Featuring a wide range of industrial cutting technologies in a variety of combinations, this machine provides great versatility of applications.


Digital Cutting Machine with Conveyor Belt

Automated cutting machine featuring a conveyor belt and a wide range of tools that can be housed on the tool bridge. Designed for the continuous cutting of a variety of different materials with speed and precision.

SM-400-TA (1)


Dual Axis Cutting Machine

X-Y cutting machine with static worktop. Widely used to cut panels from acrylic and polyester fabrics and other technical textiles such as fire-retardant curtains. Available with an optional infrared heat treatment system to stabilize crystal PVC.


Awning Valance Cutting machine

Specifically designed for the quick and efficient cutting operations needed to produce awning valances.


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