An Italian customer asked us for a complete solution for the production of fire curtains.

A Cutting Solution

A very adaptable and efficient cutting machine was required. For the production of fire curtains it is necessary to process different types of materials, such as glass wool, woven fabrics with steel cables and other fireproof materials.

The most suitable solution was found in a SM-375-TA. A machine that provides flexibility, efficiency, and clean cuts. Thanks also to the marking tool, the customer is able to mark reference points and/or indicators in the fabric.

Sewing a curtain

The second challenge was to ser a 3-layer "sandwich" that consists of two outer layers woven with steel cables and a 1.5 cm layer of glass wool. The thickness and hardness of the materials used can put a strain on the sewing head and the thread used.

With our SM-100-CA the problem has been solved. The power of the double.needle stapler head is able to process even such difficult materials as those mentioned above. The XL head of the machine also allows ample space for processing the fabric.

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