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SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC

SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC- Header Banner
SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC- Header Banner

Machine Overview

SM-400-TA was specifically designed to create quality awnings. First introduced in 1999, this machine was supplied to hundreds of leading manufacturers of sun protection systems worldwide and is a benchmark in the sun protection industry. Since its introduction a wide variety of innovative solutions were integrated to ensure absolute efficiency, reliability and cuts of the highest quality. 

With its brushless motors the SM-400-TA reaches a top moving speed of the grip-and-pull system of 60 m/min so that the return movement after the cut is ultrafast and the non-productive time of the machine is reduced to a few seconds. Its high-performance ultrasonic cutting tools guarantee clean, seared cuts of acrylic and polyester fabrics.

In its standard configuration, SM-400-TA can house one cutting tool (ultrasonic or blade) and a motorized rotary knife to crosscut the fabric off the roll.

The machine is easy to operate thanks to the dedicated software for the automatic production of awnings through manual insertion of the processing parameters on the HMI.

Main Features

  • Specifically created to produce awning panels
  • Innovative solution to stabilize crystal (clear) PVC
  • Fast axes movements
  • Ergonomic open work area
  • Easy fabric feeding
  • Powerfull brushless motors
  • Initial ultrasonic back-and-forth cut to avoid manual operations
  • Powder coated covers
  • Superior ultrasonic and/or cold blade cutting quality
  • Wide range of tools and accessories
  • Very high efficiency
  • Quick return on your investment
  • Solid, modular structure
  • Top quality parts
  • Simple to program, easy to operate
  • Automatic cycles, high production volumes
  • Limited operational costs, negligible maintenance costs
Cutting Plotter SM-400-TA


  • Cutting tool with ultrasonic blade for length cuts and crooscut the fabric off the roll
  • Additional cutting tool with ultrasonic blade for length cuts
  • Motorised cutter with pentagonal blade to crosscut the fabric off the roll
  • Non-motorised rotary blade for length cuts only
  • Marker


  • Photocell to detect end of fabric roll
  • Illumination system for detection of defects in the fabric
  • Photocell roll width measurement
  • Fabric roll warehouse
  • Automatic lateral fabric rewinding system
  • Roll cradle for rolls
Cutting Head with Ultrasonic Blade

Other Models Available

SM-400-NG New Generation

SM-400-NG stands out by the following features:

  • Innovative fabric feeding and spreading system on the worktop. A set of rollers driven by a clutch-brake unit, enables precise and constant tensioning of the material
  • Ability to house ultrasonic cutting tool and roller blade simultaneously
  • Possibility of mounting an additional cutting head with ultrasonic cutting tool and roller blade for lenght cuts only


The machine SM-400-SQ has been designed and manufactured to square cut awning panels after edging and splicing.


A machine specially designed for processing panel of XL awning panels. The SM-400-GA can weld the glue tape and cut the panel to size.

SM-400-NG - New Generation

Stabilization Of Crystal (Clear) PVC

Heat treatment of single PVC sheets resolves issues of crystal (clear) PVC shrinkage.

The stabilizing tool consists of multiple infrared lamps and an air cooling system that brings the fabric to a pre-set temperature. During the stabilization treatment, the sheet will shrink between 3% and 8%, depending on the quality and characteristics of the PVC.

After treatment, the crystal PVC is completely stable and can be welded or sewn into the finished product, such as a pergola, a shade sail, a tensile structure, a marquee, or a veranda cover. The material will not shrink upon exposure to sunlight, heat or cold.

While other heat-treatment systems may cause the crystal PVC to age, stiffen, or create a yellowish tint, SM-400-TA stabilization treatment leaves the material transparent, clear, flexible and stable.

Stabilization Of Crystal (Clear) PVC

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