The Challenge

One of our large customers – a company from Belgium that previously acquired panel cutting machines, a cutting plotter, and a welder with combined hot air and hot melt (liquid glue) technology, requested a custom-sized plotter with rotary blades to square-cut extra-large panels of welded or stitched-together screen materials used to make XXL roller blinds for public buildings.

The Solution

Based on the concept of one of our flagship cutting plotters from our SM-375-series (with maximum width 4,0 m.), we enlarged the machine structure and redesigned the bridge to make it strong enough to hold the multiple cutting tools on the cutting head without flexing a millimeter. The bridge also featured a Teflon-coated pressing bar that slides over the fabric to secure it during the length and cross cuts, ensuring the panels are perfectly square.

A custom CAD-software enables operators of any skill to easily create squares, rectangles, and even highly complex patterns or import orders from the company’s order database.

Extra-large panels cut with great precision

The machine spreads the XXL panels automatically and with great efficiency. A powerful vacuum turbine secures the fabric to the cutting surface during the cut. The vacuum surface is sectioned so that, by concentrating the vacuumed power in a determined area, the machine can easily process smaller rolls or individual pieces of fabric.

The machine has been working in Belgium since the early Spring of 2018.

Machines for Sun Protection – Case Studies  – XXL Sun Screens - Image 1