The Challenge

A leading manufacturer of quality pergola systems in Italy needed to significantly increase their manufacturing output. At the time, their pergola system production line, including the cutting of the PVC-coated panels and the application of the omega and anti-drip profiles, was completely manual. The company was initially focused on the production and marketing of awnings and blinds, but made the strategic decision to push their pergola systems. As such, they were looking for a solution to ramp up their traditional manufacturing processes.

The pergolas marketed by this Italian company were a premium product, and therefore were required to be high-quality and aesthetic, with flat and wrinkle free seams.

The Solution

Based on our SM-370-HA-series flatbed welding machine, which is built for high-volume production of truck tarpaulin and roofs from flexible PVC, we adapted the welding heads so that instead of applying the classical horizontal and vertical truck tarpaulin straps, they could weld the omega profiles and anti-drip-profiles.

The single bridge started out with two welding heads but ended up with six total. The welding heads moved over the PVC fabric, firmly kept in place on one massive 9 x 17 m work surface by four powerful vacuum turbines, and simultaneously applied up to six omega profiles or the anti-drip profiles on the left and right edges of the PVC. The machine installed a rotary cutting tool on the outer welding head to cut the PVC sheet to size during the welding cycle, saving time necessary for what would be an otherwise time-consuming operation.

As the machine would be used for high volume production and be in operation six days a week, our team designed the structure to be extremely tough and well-engineered, with components of the highest quality. The machine was so sturdy that our entire engineering team posed on its worktop.

Simultaneous application of multiple profiles. Massive time-savings

The SM-370-HA proved to be an absolute winner. Instead of welding one meter of omega or anti-drip profile at a time with the traditional HF technology, the machine applies up to six profiles simultaneously, while cutting the fabric to size.

The machine can also process either from the (jumbo) roll using the motorized unwinder in front of the machine, or it can weld on precut sheets. Spreading the PVC-coated panels is done automatically, by a heavy-duty grip-and-pull system.

SM-370-HA was successfully installed in the customer’s factory and currently mass-produces high-end pergolas.

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