The Challenge

One of Europe’s largest high-end pergola system manufacturers requested an automated machine to apply extruded omega profiles on PVC-coated textiles, while significantly increasing their production volumes. The company specialized in large and XL pergola systems supplied globally and was interested in a solution to automate their manufacturing processes and apply multiple profiles simultaneously, as opposed to one at a time.

As pergola awning systems are constantly opened and shut, the welds created by the machine had to be extremely durable. Because the pergolas marketed by the customer are very high-end, they also had to be aesthetically pleasing to compliment outdoor areas; flat and wrinkle free.

The Solution

Using our SM-321-HA machine, which is built for the production of truck tarpaulin, we adapted the welding heads so that instead of applying the classical horizontal and vertical truck tarpaulin straps, they could weld the omega profiles.

To facilitate the empty bobbin unloading of the omega profile and loading of a new bobbin, we installed a system that pneumatically lowers the bobbins so that the operator can easily reach them. As the machine would be in operation for at least two shifts per day, six days a week, we ensured the structure was both simple and well-engineered, with high-quality components.

Extreme increase in production output. High quality end-products.

The SM-321-HA proved to be the right machine for that job. Instead of welding one meter at a time of omega profile with the traditional HF technology, this machine applies up to eight profiles simultaneously, at a speed of six meters per minute. This effectively increased the customer’s production output more than 20 times!

The motorized unwinder installed underneath the machine structure a digital control of the fabric edge and automatic correction of the position of the jumbo roll. A digitally controlled dancer continuously checks and corrects the tension of the fabric to ensure high-quality welds with great precision on any size pergola.

The machine is currently producing quality pergolas in our customer’s factory.

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