The Challenge

A newly established company from Northern Italy reached out to us to develop a complete production line for quality awnings. SolarEdge Automation Machines was contracted to not only supply a series of cutting, welding and sewing machines, but integrate the manufacturing stations with a custom developed software to keep track of orders, production progress, and available stock of fabrics and other materials.

The Solution

With our extensive experience in the sunshade protection industry, we calculated the production output of each machine. Based on the volumes our customer required, we calculated exactly how many units of each cutting, welding and sewing machines would be necessary.

Not only did we produce customized machinery, but we also planned the set-up of the entire factory, including the assembly line of materials, including everything from the raw material warehouse into the production hall, and even up to the shipment to end-customers. Our team of automation engineers designed the software to monitor each product in the various stages in the production process with a simple “click” of the barcode reading gun at each production station while simultaneously keeping track of materials remaining in stock.

A complete factory set up in 5 months.

We supplied three SM-400 series panel-cutters, one of which features the infrared stabilization system for crystal (clear) PVC, two linear sewing machines for the overlaps and the hems (SM-100-CA), two linear welding and gluing machines (one with combined hot air and liquid glue technology, the second with liquid glue for awnings), three sewing stations to put the decorative braid on the awning valances (SM-120-CA) and two SM-110-series machines to make the top and bottom pockets-with-rope. Finally, we supplied an X-Y cutting machine to square the awnings after the panels are joined.

The machines were successfully installed in our customer’s manufacturing plant in Casalpusterlengo in September and October, 2015.

Machines for Sun Protection – Case Studies  – Complete Awnings Production Line - Image-1