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Applications – Awnings

Machines for Sun Protection - Applications – Awnings - Header Banner
Machines for Sun Protection - Applications – Awnings - Header Banner

Our line of automated cutting machines is designed to produce awnings of superior quality. With a combination of innovative technology and Italian creativity, our machines provide just the right tools and accessories for your assembly line – whether it is cutting, welding, sewing, or a combination thereof – to deliver superior manufacturing performances, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and optimize efficiency for a quick return on your investment.

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Cutting Machines

SolarEdge Automation Machines builds basic X-Y cutting stations with ultrasonic or rotary blade tools and high-performance CAD/CAM cutting plotters that install multiple technologies and cut complex patterns with unparalleled speed and precision. Discover how our cutting machines create panels in acrylic or polyester fabric for awnings of superior quality.

SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC

SM-375-TA Digital Cutting Plotters with Static Worktop

SM-355-TA Awning Valance Cutting Machines


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Welding and Gluing Machines

No matter your awning production volume, SolarEdge Automation Machines has a textile welding machine that will allow you to make awnings of the highest quality. Our welders can install hot air, hot melt (liquid glue), or the patented Rotosonic technology and are still suitable to bond acrylics, polyesters, and PVC-coated fabrics. Our welding machines will drastically increase your productivity and boost your product output. Discover our awning welding machines below.

SM-216-SA Linear Welding and Gluing Machines

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Sewing Machines

With over 200 industrial sewing machines supplied to leading awning manufacturers worldwide, we deliver thoroughly tested, reliable manufacturing solutions for the durable, tough-to-sew products that comprise sunshade protection. Discover our sewing machines for awnings here below.

SM-100-CA Automatic Linear Sewing Machines

SM-110-SA Semi-automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Station for Awning Valances

SM-120-SA Semi-Automatic Linear Sewing machine for Hem-With-Rope

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