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Rock Wool and Glass Wool

For more than ten years, we have been producing waterjet machines and solutions dedicated to pure water cutting.

Those machines can cut up to 7 layers of material and can realize  2D and 3D shapes thanks to the 5-Axes cutting heads.

Machines with pure water technology allow for a wide range of applications: exploiting the power of water, brought to a pressure higher than 4 thousand bars, allow to cut a wide variety of materials.

With our waterjets has never been so easy to cut polyurethane, thin rubber, sponges, fabrics and fibrous materials such as glass wool and rock wool.

Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Technology- Applications - image-1

Why choose it:

  • User friendly
  • Allows to cut up to 7 multiple layers of rock wool and rock glass
  • Can realize any 2D and 3D geometrical shape thanks to its 5-Axes cutting head(s)
  • Can be equipped both with a static and with a conveyor belt worktop
  • The conveyor belt version, thanks to the steel mesh worktop and thank to the loading and unloading belts, allows for intense and continuous production cycles
  • High precision
  • Robust design
  • Reduces the discards and optimizes the working times
Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Technology- Applications - image-2