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K- 810 series simplifies also the most complex cutting operation:

K- 810 machines are available in both pure water and hydro-abrasive versions, depending on the material intended to be cut. These machines are extremely versatile and can be switched from one cutting system to the other with maximum ease.

The K-810 model can be fitted with one or more cutting heads and is capable of performing both 2D and 3D cutting. The open worktop simplifies the material loading and unloading operations, and it’s extremely easy to switch from the steel grille worktop (for hydro-abrasive cutting operations) to the honeycomb plastic worktop (for pure water cutting operations).


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Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines – K-810 – image 1

K-810 is available in many different formats, and can be customized to adapt to each individual production requirement

All our waterjet machines are equipped with a dynamic workpiece zero point, which is extremely useful when resuming a processing activity on a previously positioned slab, or when seeking to obtain a workpiece from scrap material.

Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines – K-810 – image 2


Main Features

  • Ease of use
  • Various worktop formats available, in order to   better adapt to each customer’s production needs
  • Pure water and water + abrasive cutting
  • Cutting heads (single or multiple) for 2D and 3D cutting
  • High precision: 0.05 mm axis movement repeatability
  • Solid metal structural worktop
  • Dynamic workpiece zero point to minimize waste and optimize processing times


Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines – K-810 – image 4


Machine model K-810-1010 K-810-1530 K-810-2015 K-810-2040 K-810-2060 K-810-2515 K-810-2520 K-810-3020 K-810-3050 K-810-3060
Axes number 3 or 5 axes
Usable cutting 
areas (mm)
1000 (W) x
1000 (L)
1500 (W) x
3000 (L)
2000 (W) x
2000 (W) x
4000 (L)
2000 (W) x
6000 (L)
2500 (W) x
1500 (L)
2500 (W) x
2000 (L)
3000 (W) x
2000 (L)
3000 (W) x
5000 (L)
3000 (W) x
6000 (L)
Technology Pure water o hydroabrasive cutting technology
Max material tickness 250 mm