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Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines- K-800 - header banner
Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines- K-800 - header banner

Easy to use, versatile, compact and affordable:

The 800 series waterjet machines are designed to meet the need for a compact product that’s easy to use and install, and has a low purchase cost. The machines of the K-800 series are compact and easy to install, and are available in 2000×1500 mm or 1500x900 mm formats

Based on the material intended to be cut, the 800 series waterjet machines are available in either a pure water version or a hydro-abrasives version. These waterjet machines are extremely versatile, and can be quickly and easily switched from one cutting system to the other.

The open worktop simplifies the material loading and unloading operations, and it’s extremely easy to switch from the steel grille worktop (for hydro-abrasive cutting operations) to the honeycomb plastic worktop (for pure water cutting operations).

All our waterjet machines are equipped with a dynamic workpiece zero point, which allows you to choose where the machine will start cutting.

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Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines- K-800 - image-1

Main Features:

  • Low purchase cost
  • Ease of use
  • Plug & Play: easy to install
  • Pure water and water + abrasive cutting
  • Cutting heads (single or multiple) for 2D cutting
  • High precision
  • Compact monobloc structure
  • Dynamic workpiece zero point to minimize waste and optimize processing times


Watch the video of the machine clicking on the right-side image!



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Waterjet Cutting -Waterjet Machines- K-800 -image-5