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Easy Works Xtreme 6 CAD/CAM

Easy Works Xtreme 6 calculates the most effective cutting sequence, and saves the optimal parameters for each job, taking the most suitable tool, the optimal acceleration, and the maximum speed into account.
This feature makes it extremely easy to repeat the same job, with no need to reprogram the machine each time. In fact, the operator can simply select the saved configuration from the menu, and the machine will set the parameters automatically.

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Automatic Nesting

If a series of complex shapes needs to be cut, the nesting program automatically calculates how to optimize the placement of the figures, thus obtaining the greatest number of pieces from the available material.
The nesting function fits the shapes together like a jigsaw and minimizes waste. The nesting function also optimizes the production cycle in terms of speed and use of material and is capable of quickly and automatically performing extremely complex calculations that would take much longer for an experienced programmer.

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The macro software packages allow the operator to program extremely complex cutting jobs by simply entering a limited number of key parameters.
The machine translates the values entered for each parameter into a cutting file, and the operator can start the processing by simply pressing a button. 
The macros simplify the production cycle considerably and save a lot of time, as they even allow unskilled operators to work with technologically advanced machinery. The macro packages are often custom made, based on the customers’ production requirements

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