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Compact and Silent Machine: Waterjet K-800 Compact


A compact and silent machine, with reduced dimensions and a performance comparable to its other “big sisters”: a new COMPACTWaterjet is born, a machine that truly maximizes the return on your investment.

Built for small interiors and to cut smaller size materials, the COMPACTWaterjet is equipped with an integrated intensifying 7.5 HP pump. Her total footprint is less than 3,9 m but still has a 1000x1000mm usable worktop. The COMPACTWaterjet can cut soft materials with pure water jet (up to a max. thickness of 150 mm) and hard materials (up to a max. thickness of 20 mm) if the cutting is done with water mixed with the abrasive sand.

The wide three-sided windows allow an easy inspection during the work process and ease the loading and unloading of materials. The COMPACTWaterjet is a fast machine with low maintenance costs, designed for those looking to reduce their footprint and still rely on a technology and a power, guaranteed by over 20 years of experience.

What You Can Cut

With Pure Water (Up to 150 mm):

Sponge, Leather materials, Food products, Plastic materials, Composites

With Abrasives (Up to 20 mm):

Metal, Marble and Stone, Ceramic and Glass, Composites, Sponge

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Waterjet K-800 Compact Image

Technical Features

Total Footprint 1.993 x 1.918 mm
Usable worktop 1.000 x 1.000 mm
Machine weight 2.100 Kg
Pump’s working pressure 7,5 hp / 2.500 bar
Pump’s maximum flow rate 0,5 l/m
Maximum Size of Orifice 0,007″ (0,18 mm)
Maximum Load Supported 250 Kg/m2
Capacity of the Abrasive Tank 23,5 l
Height of the Z axis 150 mm
Speed 15 m / min
Electrical Requirements 400 VAC, 50 Hz, Three-phase, 20 A
Software Integrated CAD/CAM, Optional Nesting Available
Waterjet K-800 Compact Image