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Intensifying Systems

Waterjet Cutting -Intensifying Systems- header banner
Waterjet Cutting -Intensifying Systems- header banner

We have chosen Hypertherm's intensifier pumps for our waterjet units.

Featuring integrated Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT), Hypertherm's HyPrecision™ waterjet pumps are the world’s most durable and affordable waterjet pumps.

The 15, 30 and 50 HP basic series products are designed to offer reliability, durability, and uncompromising safety, all at the lowest cost of ownership.

For more information on Hypertherm's products visit www.hypertherm.com

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As an alternative to Hypertherm's pumps, we can offer our intensification systems. They have been specifically developed for our machines.

Our pumps are available with different powers in order to be able to better adapt to every specific production need. Our intensification systems are available in the following power ranges:

  • 7,5 Hp
  • 15 Hp
  • 30 Hp
  • 50 Hp
  • 75 Hp
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