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SM-500-ZA Automatic Welding Machines for Custom-Sized Retractable Insect Screens


Machines of the 500-series are a real breakthrough in the automated production of custom-sized insect screens. The first machines that manufacture quality screens ready for installation in a continuous cycle.

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The SM-500-ZA has a simple but very solid structure. Top-of-the-bill electronic and pneumatic components and precision welding tools make this machine an incredible manufacturing solution for retractable insect screens currently available on the market.

Machines of the 500-series carry out multiple steps in the production process simultaneously and fully automatically, resulting in a significant reduction of man power. To work with the machine, only one operator is needed. SM-500-ZA works in full automatic cycles. Once the machine is set, it will automatically weld and cut until the programmed amount of insect screens is ready. All in an extremely limited cycle time.


Main Features

  • Revolutionary production concept
  • High production output
  • Developed for custom-sized retractable insect screens
  • Excellent welding quality
  • Solid, modular structure
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to program
  • Automatic production cycles
  • Reduction of man power
  • Drastic reduction of cycle times
  • Very limited operational costs
  • Negligible maintenance costs


Watch the video of the machine clicking on the right-side image!