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Semi-Automatic Linear Sewing Machine for Hem-with-Rope: SM-120-CA

Creating the top and bottom hem-with-rope for awnings is a very specific sewing application that calls for a highly specialized machine. With its powerful Dürkopp-Adler sewing head and its range of cleverly designed tools and accessories SM-120-CA will make quality hems on all fabrics typically used in the awning industry.

SM-120-CA Image


This easy-to-use machine allows even unskilled operators to deliver efficiency and high-quality products. The symbiosis of the Dürkopp-Adler head and the specifically designed sewing tools make SM-120-CA the ideal solutions to create an aesthetically perfect hems that are strong enough to withstand the high tensions that awnings are subject to.

With over 200 sewing solutions supplied to leading awning manufacturers everywhere in the world SM-120-CA is a thoroughly tested manufacturing solution, a benchmark in the sun protection industry that allows operators to manufacture with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products.


SM-120-CA Image

Main Features

  • Perfect hems-with-rope
  • High production output
  • A solid structure with quality parts and components
  • Easy to use
  • Top quality parts
  • Custom designed guides
  • Limited operational and maintenance costs
  • Ergonomic operations
  • Suitable for an infinite range of specialty fabric


SM-120-CA Image