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Retractable Insect Screens

Retractable Insect Screens Banner
Retractable Insect Screens Banner

We introduced a decade ago the first of the 500-series, a machine that welds and cuts PVC-coated fiber glass in full-automatic, continuous cycles, and creates retractable insect screens of the highest quality directly from the roll.

The SM-500-ZA was designed to produce custom-sized insect screens with a maximum width of 2,8 m and lengths up to 3,0 m. When we received a request to develop an even bigger machine to make insect screens in 6-meter bars (usually sold and cut to size in DIY-stores) our R&D-team designed the SM-520-ZA, a machine that produces 6-meter wide retractable insect screens, perfectly cut, with welded-on coextruded profile to the top and pocket-with-rope to the bottom, rewound on the aluminum bar, and inserted in the box with the lower hand-grip attached, in a record-breaking 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

Both machines were supplied to market leaders everywhere in the world, from Italy to Spain, Israel to China, Austria, Germany and Greece. Machines of the 500-series will deliver the quality and efficiency you are looking for and boost your production of retractable screens. 

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Automatic welding machine for custom-sized retractable insect screens

Machines of the 500-series are a real breakthrough in the automated production of custom-sized insect screens. The first – and only – machines in the world that manufacture quality screens ready for installation in a continuous cycle.

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Automatic welding machine for custom-sized retractable insect screens and 6-meter profiles

First introduced in 2005, machines of the 520-series caused a revolution in the insect screen industry by drastically reducing the production time needed to make a 6-meter wide screen, the necessary man power, and the discarded materials.

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