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SolarEdge Automation Machines - Software Solutions
SolarEdge Automation Machines - Software Solutions

Different solutions for specific needs

From production process automation to special processing optimization, SolarEdge Automation Machines features a wide range of solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Depending on the type of machine selected, our software solutions will support customers with:

  • Automated production processesless manual work and human errors
  • Decreased machine programming timedecrease in production times
  • Simplified operators work > production flows optimization




Software for Special Machines

To support production, optimize cutting operations and reduce material waste.

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To support industrial automation, for order management and warehouse stock. With the ability to communicate with the company’s management team.

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Customized solution to support special customer’s needs.


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EasyWorkXtreme is the 2D CAD software developed by SolarEdge Automation Machines dedicated to all cutting machines with static table or with conveyor belt.
EasyWorkXtreme optimizes manufacturing processes and material savings.

The shape of the materials to be cut can be entered into the machine:

  • By the operator who draws them directly on the machine
  • Through the company network
  • From the order database, via import
  • With a USB
Easy Work Software

EasyWorkXtreme - Main Advantages

  • Automatic calculation of the shortest cutting path > reduced execution times
  • Savings of processing parameters > simplified repetition of the same jobs
  • On-board modification of the shapes received before starting machine’s operation > optimization and reduction of errors
  • User friendly interface > reduced learning times
  • Flexible > meet customer’s needs

In addition to the basic functions, additional optional modules are available to enrich our software solutions.

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Easy Work Xtreme 6.0


This software has been developed for the automation of production processes and management of orders and materials.
EPMS can work in stand-alone mode, in this case the data will be loaded manually directly on the PC connected to the machine or from your office. It can also be connected to the company’s ERP and communicate with the company management system, sending orders and material list directly to the machine.
The main functions of the EPMS will allow you to manage the following

Orders Materials
  • Entry, visualization on the machine, archive update
  • If more operations are needed, assignment to different machines
  • Seeing orders on machines suitable for that specific operation
  • After the operation, feedback to the ERP 
  • Label printing at the end of the manufacturing process
  • Material entry, status registration, availability and location 
  • Material handling in case there is a warehouse connected to the machine
  • Label printing at the end of the manufacturing process
  • Feedback to ERP, if connected, at the end of the production, with list of operations executed
EPMS Software

EPMS Benefits 

By connecting the machines to the company's ERP system, you will have the following advantages:

  • Production management optimization
  • No loss of information
  • Tracking of information flows
  • Reduction of production times

EPMS for Industrial Digitalization

The possibility to interconnect machines with the company’s ERP management system, and following that, automate production, will ensure the possibility   to apply for government incentives related to IoT to support industrial automation.

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EPMS benefit

Customized Software for Special Machines

In SolarEdge Automation Machines, every single customer, with their particular application, is unique and when production needs cannot be satisfied by a "standard" solution, we customize the software according to different customers’ needs and requirements.

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customized software