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Sewing Machines

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If it can’t be welded, it can be stitched! Looking for a solution to apply a keder profile to the edge of your banners? Need a machine to put a decorative braid on your awning valances or make overlaps and pockets on fire retardant fabrics to create smoke curtains? Create extra-large theater curtains? Or marquees and terrace covers in heavy PVC? We have the solution for you!

With more than 200 sewing stations supplied to leading manufacturers worldwide our machines are thoroughly tested, highly reliable manufacturing solutions and a benchmark in many industries. Our sewing solutions allow operators to manufacture with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products.

Industrial sewing has never been this easy. Just ask our experts.

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Automatic linear sewing machine

Highly specialized fabrics and very specific, customized applications is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries.

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Semi-Automatic Linear Sewing Machine for Hem-with-Rope

Creating the top and bottom hem-with-rope for awnings is a very specific sewing application that calls for a highly specialized machine. With its powerful Dürkopp-Adler sewing head and its range of cleverly designed tools and accessories SM-120-CA will make quality hems on all fabrics typically used in the awning industry.

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