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PVC Processing

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Whether you produce tension structures, swimming pool covers, pergolas, shade sails, tunnels, tents and shelters, tarpaulins, truck curtains and roofs, inflatable products, containments bladders, industrial doors, or wind breaker barriers, our machines allow you to manufacture with uncompromising quality, and create highly professional products.

Browse our website to discover the cutting, welding and sewing equipment we build for your applications and products.

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Industries We Serve:

  • Truck curtains
  • Anti-vandalism curtains
  • Truck roofs
  • Tents & shelters
  • Tension structures
  • Industrial doors
  • Pool covers
  • Agricultural covers
  • Geomembranes
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos and terrace covers
  • Shade sails & umbrellas
  • Insect screens
  • Awnings
  • Roller blinds
  • Keders
  • Advertisement banners
  • Cinema screens
  • Ducting and ventilation
  • Inflatables


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Featured Machine

SM-370-HA Multiple tool flatbed welding machine

Engineering is not just in our name. It’s in our DNA.

Here’s a machine we designed and constructed that we are particularly proud of.

After the introduction of the conveyor welding station SM-321-HA, that reduced the production time of a single truck curtain from many man hours to 20 minutes, we developed the SM-370-HA: a flatbed multiple tool, multiple bridge index welding machine for the full-automatic production of truck curtains and roofs in record-breaking cycle times.

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SM-370-HA Image