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Metal Working Machines: here’s the latest SMRE innovation

Metal Working Machines, the company division dedicated to the development of metal working machines, is the latest addition to SMRE: over the years, in parallel to the activities of other business units, we have developed numerous projects “tailor-made” to suit our clients, allowing us to acquire significant expertise, which recently gave life to a new division. In particular, the S-700 punching line, the flagship product of our new business unit: extreme mechanical stability combined with the possibility for drawing, stamping and marking of pieces, make S-700 the perfect line for those that work in the automotive sector, but also those who produce security doors, electrical cabinets, metal structures, lockers.

Our punching line allows the processing of metal sheets up to 8 mm thick: the power of the punching units, up to 45 tonnes, combined with the extreme sturdiness of each component, make S-700 the perfect tool for the punching and deformation of high-thickness and high-resistance metal sheets.

Moreover, the possibility to configure S-700 with integrated punching and stamping technology in the same line, allows increased efficiency and a subsequent reduction in production costs.

SMRE is able to integrate S-700 into existing production lines or design complete lines from the coil to the finished product: punching, stamping by shearing or deformation, bending or panelling, can all be managed within a single line.

Our coil punching and stamping line is also eligible for the incentives provided for by the “Industria 4.0” model: S-700 in fact meets all requirements for interconnection with the customer’s management systems and the exchange of all information necessary to monitor the line and the advancement of production.

Backed by twenty years of experience, we are able to configure the line in accordance with the specific needs of each client, thus maximising value for money.

Watch the video to see our new machine first-hand.

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