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Covid19: SMRE – Assisting companies converting their business

The governments of many countries around the world have been mobilised over the last few days to support the production and supply of medical devices and personal protective equipment to contain and combat the COVID-19 emergency.

Anyone who wants to expand or convert their business to produce masks, gowns, hazmat suits, electrocardiographs or ventilators for intensive care units, can rely on subsidised loans, non-refundable grants and other forms of financial support depending on their country of origin and the decisions taken by their respective governments. 

SMRE can partner with any group planning to convert their business with a series of systems that can support the production of different products for the medical sector. Our cutting, welding and sewing machines can prove invaluable for companies that would like to convert their businesses to produce masks, hazmat suits or hospital gowns. Models such as: the SM 100, a sewing machine designed to produce a wide variety of seams on an endless range of technical fabrics or the SM 200 series, ultrasonic, hot air and liquid glue welding machines, are ideal for performing excellent quality and high-performance work. For many years SMRE has provided the medical sector with machine models, such as the SM 381, the cutting plotter with conveyor belt and the SM 375, the flatbed solution for cutting technical fabrics, TNT and PP, the materials for disposable coveralls.

We greatly support companies who choose to play their part in combating the Covid-19 emergency: please contact us and together we will find the best solution to help you convert your business.

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