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Metal-working-coil-processing-Punching-header banner
Metal-working-coil-processing-Punching-header banner

Punching allows different materials of up to a maximum width of 1.500 mm to be machined, guaranteeing power and speed.

The tool cart is equipped with 6 ‘B’ stations, 2 ‘C’ stations, 1 ‘D’ station and 1 ‘D’ multi-tool station, providing power of up to 30 tons and frequencies of 150 strokes/minute. The alphanumeric marker completes its versatility.

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Indexed Punching Unit 

The indexed punching station D, independent of the other modules, generates power of up to 45 tons, necessary for the processing of high-strength materials.


Technical Specifications

  •  Sheet Width 70 – 1500 mm
  •  Sheet Thickness 0.3 – 8 MM-
  •  Installable Punching Stations  A / B / C / D / E / F: Ø UP TO 6" (154,00 MM)
  •  Power up to 45 Ton

Why Punching?

Punching consists of the cold machining of metals and allows optimization of the process in terms of efficiency and economy; material waste is reduced and processing times are speeded up (the piece can be shaped and cut during the same process without the need for secondary machining). The potential significant reduction in production costs, the improvement in the quality and characteristics of the material (there is no thermal variation in the material structure) and the absence of additional processing make it the most profitable solution for medium and large batches.



Are different tools required for each hole and for each shape to be made?

No, they are not necessary in 2 scenarios: if the template is different only for rotation, simply use the indexed punching station; if the template can be made from a combination of several punches already supplied, simply program the different types of punching required by the software.
For example, a slot can be created by successively using the rectangular template and the circular template.

For how long can a punch be used?

The punches have an estimated average life of 400,000/600,000 strokes. However, there are steps that can be taken to optimize their duration and yield. For example, it is important to perform thorough lubrication and cleaning, removing any slag by blowing with compressed air. Periodically it is advisable to check the cutting profile of the punch, sharpening it if necessary.