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Feeding Equipment

Metal-working-coil-processing-feeding-equipments -header banner
Metal-working-coil-processing-feeding-equipments -header banner


The sturdy motorized metal coil is configured according to customer requirements, up to 22 tons of capacity and 1500 mm in width.
Reading of the loop through ultrasound sensor and mass contact guarantee correct unwinding of the sheet metal and efficient feeding of the line, indispensable for precise performing of the work.
The possibility of installing a roll-holder cradle with hydraulic lifting ensures safe loading of the coil.
Alignment of the coil to the line is guaranteed by a hydraulic motor that allows easy movement.


Loading Cradle

Robust and configured according to the production requirements of the line, the decoiler and the loading cradle guarantee the supply of the material. It is possible to load coils with a width of up to 1.500 mm and a maximum weight of 22 tons. The hydraulic lift load saddle, equipped with all the necessary safety devices, enables quick centering of the new material reducing tooling times.


Straightener or Leveler

This unit is configured and structured according to the material and to the expected productivity of customers. With a speed of up to 100 m/min, it allows the processing of materials with thicknesses of up to 8 mm and a maximum width of up to 1,500 mm.
The robust structure and quality of the rollers guarantee precision and high quality standards even on materials that are delicate or very stretchy.


Single Sheet Loading Table 

With its motorized rollers, it is the option to transform the coil machining line into a single sheet machining line. The loading table of the single sheet is positioned on rails that allow it to be inserted into the line only when it is necessary.

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