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End Production Line


Our stacking system is used to save time between one process and another. If the sheets leaving the punching line need to be stacked to be transferred to subsequent processing, our stacking systems provide the ideal solution.

The sheets are carefully positioned on both axes for easy handling by the robots. Depending on the requirements of the end user, various solutions for stacking or moving the sheets can be configured or designed ad hoc.


Line Integration with Automatic Stacking System

If it is necessary to create a "stack" of sheets to be moved from the punching line to subsequent processing, we offer different systems for stacking of the sheets to eliminate human intervention and to reduce downtime in the line.


Stacking/Translation Area, Decremental Discharge Table

Output slaves allow the production line to work independently. The operator is thus free to follow other machinery or to address other tasks.


Roll Forming and Paneling Machine

When the materials' surface need to be processed, S700 can integrate a roll forming or a paneling system. Those options can both to be placed "in line" with the rest of the machine and also as single "processing island".