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Metal Working Coil Processing



  • A wide range of tools and devices for complete integration even in the most complex production environments


  • Punching machine up to 45 tons
  • Fiber laser up to 4 kW
  • Moulding press up to 120 tons


  • Decoiler, straightener or leveler up to 100 m/min.
  • Punching machine up to 150 strokes/min.
  • Fiber laser up to 120 m/min and 1G acceleration


  • Modular, independent and customizable units
  • Wide range of in-feed and out-feed devices
  • Integrable in exixting lines


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Main CAD/CAM easy matching  


S-700 Image

We are able to integrate S-700 within existing production lines or to design complete lines (from the coil to the finished product). Punching, shearing or deformation, bending or paneling can thus be managed within a single line.

Metal-working-coil-processing- metal-working-coil-processing image-2

Why using coil? 

Working with Coils is the ideal solution to optimize  materials, to increase productivity and to automate stacking and production procedures.  
It is a must-have for regular profiles with many holes, similar widths or long shapes.
Working with punches, lasers, moulding press and cluster tools allows to combine the versatility required for the creation of small series with the rigidity of mould machining.
Flexibility, high productivity and the low operating costs make this workflow convenient for every business size.



metal-working-coil-processing image-3

Precision and speed  are key words for anyone involved in sheet metal processing.
S700 responds to this requirement integrating different technologies in a single process.

metal-working-coil-processing image-4

metal-working-coil-processing image-5

metal-working-coil-processing image-ENG-6