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Whether you cut large panels, squares, rectangles, curves, or even highly complex patterns, our advanced sunshade production machinery allows you to cut an infinite range of complex shapes with speed and precision.

We supply flatbed plotters with a static worktop to robust industrial cutting stations with multiple layer conveyor belts, and simple X-Y cutting tables to create panels – using oscillating blades, drag knives, engine-driven or freely rotating round blades or laser, Our Automation Machines’ experts are here to assist you in choosing the right equipment model and cutting technology for your application.

To streamline production and increase productivity even further, our software developers created a series of easy-to-use software programs that will transform your cutting machine into a highly efficient manufacturing solution.  We create custom shortcuts to make production and order handling simple for anyone to manage.

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Digital Cutting Plotters with Static Worktop

The sunshade manufacturing industry today is characterized by a wide variety of fabrics that need to be processed. This can be a challenge to manufacturers since fabrics of different materials require distinctive cutting technologies. Our SM-375-TA is the solution to that challenge. With its multitude of cutting tools and accessories, this machine can cut an infinite range of CAD-patterns on a wide variety of fabrics and materials while delivering the versatility and manufacturing quality required.

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Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC

The SM-400-TA was designed specifically to create the highest quality awnings. First introduced in 1999, this machine supplied hundreds of leading manufacturers with sun protection systems worldwide and is a benchmark in the sun protection industry. Since its inception, a wide variety of innovative solutions were integrated to ensure absolute efficiency, reliability and cuts of the highest quality. If you’re looking for fast and efficient production cycles and high-quality cut panels made with an easy-to-use machine, the SM-400-TA is the perfect solution.

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Digital Cutting Plotters with Conveyor Belt

Born from the symbiosis between the best control systems, a very robust structure, precision mechanics and highly efficient cutting tools, SM-330-TA has been developed for the continuous high-speed cutting of CAD drawings on PVC-coated fabrics after more than a decade of experience with heavy-duty cutting in a wide range of industries.

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Awning Valance Cutting Machines

The SM-355-TA was specifically designed for the continuous cutting of awning valances. The SM-355-TA features a highly efficient oscillating blade that quickly and precisely cuts a wide range of materials, including acrylic, polyester, and PVC-coated fabrics.

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Roll-to-Roll Cutting Machines

Designed to allow manufacturers to cut PVC panels efficiently at an entry-level price, the SM-321-SV is a robust roll-to-roll cutting solution that works to your specifications.

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