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SM-323-HA Multi-Tool Welding Station

SM-323-HA Multi tool welding station
SM-323-HA Multi tool welding station

Machine Overview

Efficient. Essential. Reliable.

Born from over 20 years of experience in manufacturing machines that cut and weld heavy-duty PVC-coated textiles, our new welding station was developed to automate and accelerate the most time-consuming welding operations related to truck coverings manufacturing: the vertical straps.

The SM-323-HA is an automatic digitally controlled welding machine designed to apply vertical reinforcement, anti-vandalism, or roofs straps on PVC-coated panels for the industrial manufacturing of side curtains and roofs for trucks.

Specifically designed for companies looking to maximize their production capacity in limited floor space.

Anti-vandalism stripes welding

Technical Details

SM-323-HA was designed with 3 vertical welding tool options: 

  • for 50 mm straps
  • for anti-vandalism straps 
  • for roof straps (with or without punched holes or butterflies)

The machine can install 1, 2 or all 3 welding tools simultaneously and automatically activate the right tool for the specific welding job.

The SM-323-HA can process:

  • individual pre-printed or pre-cut panels working from a cradle with digital edge control
  • jumbo rolls from a motorized unwinding system with fabric tension control synchronized with the machine’s pulling speed 

The built-in heat-resistant vacuumed conveyor belt facilitates automatic and continuous production cycles and total fabric control.

Side curtains welding machines


The machine can be programmed from a PC or touch screen and comes with our custom-made Easy Truck Curtain Manufacturer software, specifically developed to ensure manufacturing ease.

The machine can be programmed by importing CAD-files or by manually inserting the desired parameters of the side curtain or roof configuration on the user-friendly touch screen.

Operating the machine is easy and efficient, and doesn’t require any software skills or knowledge.


Main Features

  • Reliable welding quality
  • Reduction of manufacturing cycle time 
  • Continuous and automatic production cycles
  • Great versatility
  • Limited footprint
  • Automatic index welding of the vertical straps according to CAD-drawings
  • Ability to process very large products in a limited space
  • Highly customizable


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Antivandalism stripe