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SM-450-SA- Multiple roll digital welding machine


Machine Overview

After more than two decades of experience with heavy duty welding of PVC-coated textiles and other thermoplastics, SolarEdge Automation Machines introduced SM-450-SA.
This multi-roll sealer stems from the symbiosis of superior control systems, and a well-engineered machine design.

The SM-450-SA creates everything from overlaps, pockets, pockets-with-rope, hems, or applies keders to panel edges.

Developed for the continuous processing of panels wide dimensions, the SM-450-SA will streamline your manufacturing processes with outstanding efficiency and exceptional end-results.

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Technical Details

A flexible design allows us to customize this machine with or without the conveyor belt. An optional bridge can be equipped with cutting tools to fly-cut patterns out of the extra-large panels. Cameras can also be installed to monitor the quality of the seams from a single control station.

Whether you produce stadium covers, walls for tents and shelters, awnings, tarpaulins or swimming pool covers or more, the SM-450-SA has the capacity to process single or multiple textile rolls. Custom-built welding tools and accessories, along with a series of specifically developed software programs make SM-450-SA  an industrial fabric welding solution that will exceed your automated production needs.


Main Features

  • Specifically developed to weld PVC-coated textiles
  • Multiple welding heads for the simultaneous creation of quality seams
  • Able to process single or multiple fabric rolls
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Highly customizable
  • Continuous welding cycles
  • High level of automation
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Creation of very large shapes in a limited space
  • A choice of precision tools and accessories
  • Unparalleled manufacturing efficiency