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Special Machines

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Special machines to process PVC-coated textiles

At SolarEdge Automation Machines “automations” is not just in our name…it’s in our DNA!
Our catalogue contains a wide range of standard machine models equipped with the technologies, accessories, and software solutions needed for your production line. When something more than a standard machine is necessary, our engineering team can develop customized solutions to meet your needs.

Our customized machinery solutions combine innovative technologies with traditional manufacturing methods and integrated mechanics, pneumatics, electronics and software. SolarEdge Automation Machines’ custom manufacturing solutions are tailored to fit your production requirements deliver the efficiency, quality, and production output you need.

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Multiple tool conveyor welding machine

After more than two decades of experience in designing heavy duty welders for PVC-coated textiles, SolarEdge Automation Machines introduced SM-321-HA, a digitally controlled compact welding station for the fully automatic production of truck curtains, anti-vandalism curtains, and roofs.

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Multiple Tool Conveyor Welding Machine for Horizontal or Vertical Straps

A standard truck curtain consists of 90 vertical anti-vandalism straps and 13 horizontal straps. Our SM-325-HA automates and expedites the horizontal and vertical straps application by continuously feeding PVC panels into a machine with conveyor belt.

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Multiple tool flatbed welding machine

Following the development of our SM-321-HA, the conveyor welding station that reduced the production time of a single truck curtain from many man hours to 20 minutes, SolarEdge Automation Machines developed the SM-370-HA: a flatbed multiple tool, multiple bridge index welding machine for the fully-automatic production of truck curtains and roofs in record-breaking cycle times.

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Multiple roll digital welding machine

After more than two decades of experience with heavy-duty welding of PVC-coated textiles and thermoplastics, SolarEdge Automation Machines introduced SM-450-SA. This multi-roll sealer stems from the synergy of superior control systems, a well-engineered structure, and precision mechanics. 
SM-450-SA creates overlaps, pockets, pockets-with-rope, hems, or applies keders to panel edges. Developed for the continuous processing of panels of great length, SM-450-SA will streamline your manufacturing processes, deliver exceptional quality with outstanding efficiency.

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