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SM-325-TA Hybrid Laser and Blade Cutting Machine

SM-325-TA Hybrid Laser and Blade Cutting Machine – Header Banner
SM-325-TA Hybrid Laser and Blade Cutting Machine – Header Banner

Machine Overview

After two decades of experience in developing automated cutting systems, SolarEdge Automation Machines designed the Hybrid Laser and Blade-Cutting System of the SM-325-TA series.

The SM-325-TA was designed to maximize flexibility and production efficiency.
The machine is available in a laser-cutting configuration with conveyor belt and, with an additional static worktop, in blade-cutting option.

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Laser and Blade cutting machine

Technical Details 

The SM-325-TA is equipped with a steel mesh conveyor belt for laser cuts of infinite lengths, along with a laser pointer to determine the dynamic zero point. When used for marking and blade-cutting, a static work top in Forex is secured on the cutting frame.

The cutting frame has a width of 2,0 m. With the steel mesh conveyor belt the machine can cut patterns of infinite length. Other dimensions are available upon request.

Depending on your selected configuration, a wide range of additional tools and accessories can be made available to make the SM-325-TA the ideal cutting solution for your automated manufacturing requirements.

cutting machine with conveyor belt


The SM-325-TA reaches moving speeds up to 50 m/min.

The Tracking Power Control function (TPC) automatically synchronizes the percentage of laser power with the actual moving speed of the laser cutting head and ensures the highest quality cuts, even with complex patterns and materials.

Additional features include an automatic edge control and correction, digital fabric tension control, and a motion repeatability +/- 0,1 mm maximize the cutting precision even on great length.

The SM-325-TA is supplied with a roll holder for standard fabric rolls and can be equipped with an optional motorized unwinding system for jumbo rolls.

The SM-325-TA is an excellent solution to cut and mark a wide range of fabrics with different characteristics and creates highly professional products with uncompromising quality.

conveyorized cutting machines details

Control System

The SM-325-TA is compatible with the Easy Work Xtreme 6.0 CAD/CAM, a software that transforms this cutting machine in a powerful and productive manufacturing tool.

  • Optional Nesting and Split Box modules are available. 
  • Custom macro’s can be designed.

The SM-325-TA is Industry 4.0 ready and can connect with our customers’ corporate order management software.

Machine software

Main Features

  • High speed, high acceleration
  • Specifically developed to cut industrial textiles and specialty fabrics
  • Wide range of available cutting and marking tools
  • Strong industrial structure
  • Steel mesh industrial conveyor belt, suitable for laser cutting
  • Continuous cutting cycles for high volume production output
  • High-precision cutting
  • Built for cutting and marking of large and very large patterns in a limited footprint
  • Vacuum power with sectioned areas for total fabric control
  • Suitable to process standard or jumbo rolls
  • On board touchscreen control panel
  • Ready for integration with your company’s order management system
  • Industry 4.0 ready
laser and blade cutting plotter

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