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SM-321-SV Roll-to-Roll Cutting Machine


Machine Overview

To allow manufacturers to cut PVC panels with an economical, high-performance machine, SolarEdge Automation Machines introduced the SM-321-SV, a robust high-powered roll-to-roll manufacturing solution designed for the continuous creation of X-Y patterns directly from the roll.

Easy to set up and manage, the SM-321-SV enables users in a broad spectrum of industries to cut and mark PVC-coated textiles with extreme precision. Whether you produce truck curtains, swimming pool or other covers, pergolas, tunnels, tents and shelters, containments bladders, industrial doors or wind breaker barriers, and more, the SM-321-SV cuts and marks with uncompromising quality and allows you to quickly create first-class products.

Speak with our experts to discuss your customized machinery needs. We are available to assist you in selecting the best technology and accessories to suit your production lines.

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Main Features

  • Specifically developed to cut flexible PVC straight from the roll
  • Multiple knives for heavy duty cutting in X and Y directions
  • Multiple pens to mark in X and Y direction
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Economical
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Easy-to-use
  • Continuous cutting and marking cycles
  • Ability to create large shapes in a limited workspace
  • High-quality