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Welding Machines

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Welding PVC-coated fabrics, crystal (clear) PVC, acrylics and polyester textiles with hot air, hot melt (liquid glue) or ultrasonic technology or a combination thereof: our textile bonding machines rise to the challenge with their unparalleled flexibility and flawless technology.

Automatic linear welding and gluing machines, semi-automatic welding stations, or tailor-made multiple tool machines that automatically carry out several steps in the production process, drastically reduce your cycle time while dramatically increasing your output: our machines will deliver the quality, efficiency and productivity you are looking for.

Our linear welders feature the patented Intelligent Torque technology. Whichever textiles you weld, Intelligent Torque digitally controls the tension during the welding cycle and delivers exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and unique, highly professional products.

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SM-216-SA Image


Linear welding machine

Highly specialized fabrics and very specific, customized applications is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries.

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Linear welding machine for XXL panels

Whether you make pergolas, swimming pool or other covers, marquees, tents, shelters, or other very large products, the SM-210-SA is the right solution to process large and heavy panels of PVC-coated textiles.

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Stationary head welding machine

Need to weld clear PVC, PVC-coated textiles or other thermoplastic films? Looking for a solution to produce keders, create pockets, overlaps or hems with or without rope?

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Automatic Welding Machine for Custom-Sized Retractable Insect Screens

Machines of the 500-series are a real breakthrough in the automated production of custom-sized insect screens.

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Automatic welding machine for custom-sized retractable insect screens and 6-meter profiles

Machines of the 520-series caused a revolution in the insect screen industry by drastically reducing the production time and man power needed to make a 6-meter wide screen.

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