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Automatic Linear Sewing Machine: SM-100-CA

Highly specialized fabrics and very specific, customized applications is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries. With its broad range of sewing tools and accessories the SM-100-CA was designed to create a wide variety of quality seams on an infinite range of technical fabrics, even on tough PVC-coated fabrics or crystal (clear) PVC.

SM-100-CA Image


The SM-100-CA allows operators in a variety of industries to seam with uncompromising quality. Whether you produce awnings, curtains, sails, covers in PVC-coated textiles, tarpaulins, banners or wind breaker barriers, the SM-100-CA can be equipped with just the accessories to meet your production requirements and create highly professional products.

Simple to use and extremely efficient, the SM-100-CA automatic linear sewing machine is a complete industrial sewing solution that will streamline your production and boost your output. Industrial sewing has never been this easy.


SM-100-CA Image

Main Features:

  • Superior hems, pockets and overlaps
  • Automatic digital synchronization of the needle and the sewing head movement
  • Solid modular structure
  • Total speed and motion control
  • Top quality parts
  • Wide variety of sewing tools and accessories
  • High production output
  • Automatic guide positioning
  • Easy to operate
  • Limited operational costs, negligible maintenance costs
  • Suitable for an infinite range of specialty fabrics


SM-100-CA Image