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Waterjet Cutting Plotters by SMRE

SMRE has been designing and constructing waterjet cutting machines for 10 years. Originally developed to cut materials such as plastics, stone, foams, marble, glass, aluminum and steel, after a specific request from a European customer of products in flexible PVC we extensively – and successfully – tested the waterjet technology on multiple layers of PVC-coated fabrics.

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Whereas traditional PVC cutting machines with rotary blade or drag knife cut single layers, the SMRE waterjets, with their powerful cutting heads and water pressure up to 4100 bar, allow for the cutting of multiple pieces simultaneously. By stacking the PVC sheets up to 20 layers, your production output multiplies 20 times. The volumes can be increased even further by installing multiple waterjet heads on the bridge that cut the same pattern simultaneously.

With the diameter of the water beam a fraction of a millimeter, the cuts are extremely precise. By nesting the patterns that are to be cut, the discards are reduced to an absolute minimum. The dynamic zero-point allows you to cut not only from the roll but use discard pieces of material as well, even if extremely small.

SolarEdge Automation Machine division waterjets are available in several dimensions and in several configurations: from the entry-level K-800 with minimum usable cutting dimensions 1,5 x 0,9 m up to the top-of-the-bill K-810 with maximum dimensions of 3,0 x 6,0 m. K-810 is even available with a conveyor belt to load and unload the PVC sheets, further automate and almost completely eliminate the “dead times” in the cutting cycles.

For more information on SMRE K-SERIES waterjets


Waterjet Cutting Plotters Image

Main Features:

  • Multiple layer cutting: up to 20 layers of PVC-coated textiles
  • Single or multiple cutting heads
  • Extremely high cutting volumes
  • Very user-friendly
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Available with conveyor belt to eliminate dead times in the cycle
  • Extreme precision: repeatability of axes movement is 0.05 mm
  • High quality cuts
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Nesting allows for a drastic reduction of discards


Waterjet Cutting Plotters Image