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SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC

SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC- Header Banner
SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC- Header Banner

Originally designed to manufacture acrylic and polyester awnings, the SM-400-TA was further developed to become our most efficient solution to cut X-Y panels in PVC-coated textiles.

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Machine Overview

Engineered to cut specialty fabrics used to produce awnings, this machine combines a strong engineering design with high-speed brushless motors, quality cutting tools and specifically designed software programs make this machine the ideal cutting solution for manufacturers looking for a highly efficient way to create panels in PVC-coated textiles.

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Technical Details

Initially introduced in 1999, a wide variety of new, innovative solutions were integrated into this machine to ensure absolute reliability and make the SM-400-TA your eligible X-Y cutting machine. For fast, efficient production cycles and superior cuts made with an easy-to-manage machine, the SM-400-TA is the solution for you.

To solve the problem of shrinking crystal (clear) PVC, SolarEdge Automation Machines developed a system for the just-in-time heat treatment with infrared light. Following the treatment, the crystal PVC remains perfectly stable to be integrated in products such as industrial doors, tents or terrace covers without the danger of shrinkage, even when exposed to sunlight, heat or cold. Whereas other heat-treatment systems cause the clear PVC to age, stiffen, and often give it a yellowish color, SolarEdge Automation Machines’ system will leave the crystal PVC perfectly transparent, clear, and flexible.


Main Features

  • Specifically created to produce awnings and PVC panels
  • Innovative solution to stabilize crystal (clear) PVC
  • Fast axes movements
  • Ergonomic open work area
  • Easy fabric feeding
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Initial ultrasonic back-and-forth cut to avoid manual operations
  • Powder coated covers
  • Superior ultrasonic and/or cold blade cutting quality
  • Wide range of tools and accessories
  • Solid, modular structure
  • Simple to program, easy to operate
  • Automatic cycles, high production volumes
  • Limited operational costs, negligible maintenance costs

Watch the video of the machine on the left-side image!