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Case Studies- Truck Tarpaulins (SM-370-HA)

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The Challenge

Following the inception of our SM-321-HA series conveyor welding station, which reduced the production time of a single truck tarpaulin from many man-hours to 18-25 minutes), we developed the SM-370-HA. This flatbed multiple tool, multiple bridge index welding machines is built for the fully automatic production of truck tarpaulin and roofs in record-breaking cycle times.

The machine was developed following the request of a leading truck- tarpaulin and roof manufacturer in Europe. The SM-321-HA cycle times were not quick enough to meet the customer’s demands, so they requested a new flatbed machine.

The Solution

Several months of planning, development, construction, and testing led to the SM-370-HA. This machine features multiple travelling bridges, with each bridge installing multiple welding heads that apply the regular horizontal and vertical 50 mm straps, the vertical reinforcing straps (up to 400 mm), the lower horizontal reinforcing strap, or even Velcro straps.

The SM-370-HA can work from the jumbo roll, or it can process individual pre-printed or pre-cut panels. It can create a complete truck tarpaulin in approximately nine minutes.

A range of exclusively customized software programs makes this machine a complete manufacturing solution for your production requirements, to streamline your production processes with efficiency and quality required.

Increased production volumes. Top-quality products.

Since its inception, this machine has had several upgrades to make it even faster and more efficient. The SM-370-HA can be customized to create standard trailer tarpaulins, roofs, or even anti-vandalism curtains with up to 13 horizontal and 12 vertical welding heads installed on multiple bridges, all working simultaneously and according to CAD drawings.

The SM-370-HA enables manufacturers of truck tarpaulins and roofs to deliver products of superior quality. Fully automatic, highly efficient, and extremely precise. With its unparalleled welding quality and exceptional productivity, the SM-370-HA is a machine unlike any other on the market.

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