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Tents & Shelters


Hi-tech Manufacturing Solutions for Tents & Shelters

Whether you're looking for high speed, high precision cutting machines to create very large patterns, highly efficient hot air welding machines for your PVC coated fabrics, or solid industrial sewing stations to create your quality tents & shelters, SolarEdge Automation Machines has the perfect solution for your automated production requirements. Check out our fully automated multi-sealers for the continuous production of tent sidewall panels that join multiple PVC rolls and simultaneously connect keders or make pockets and hems for grommets. Our machines are fast and precise, for a quick return on your investment.


Cutting Machines 

Whether you cut large to extra-large panels, squares and rectangles, curves, or even highly complex patterns, SolarEdge Automation Machines has the solution for your PVC-coated textile manufacturing needs. Our advanced technology combined with functionally designed tools and accessories allows you to cut an infinite range of shapes at high-speeds and with great precision.

SM-321-SV Roll-to-Roll Cutting Machines

SM-332-TA Digital Cutting System

SM-375-TA Digital Cutting Machines With Static Worktop

SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting Machines with Stabilization of Crystal PVC


Sewing Machines

With over 200 sewing stations supplied to leading manufacturers worldwide, SolarEdge Automation Machines sewing solutions are thoroughly tested, highly reliable, and a pioneer in the industry. Our sewing solutions allow operators to manufacture with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products.

SM-100-CA Automatic Linear Sewing Machines


Welding and Gluing Machines

Our automatic linear welding and gluing machines, semi-automatic welding stations, and tailor-made multiple tool machines automate several steps in your production process, reducing cycle times while increasing your production: SolarEdge Automation Machines’ automated manufacturing solutions deliver the quality, efficiency and productivity you need.

SM-200-SA Stationary Head Welding Machine

SM-210-SA Linear Welding and Gluing Machine for XXL Panels

SM-216-SA Linear Welding and Gluing Machines


Special Machines

SolarEdge Automation Machines’ custom manufacturing solutions combine advanced technologies with traditional manufacturing methods to fit your production requirements.

SM-321-HA Multiple tool conveyor welding machine

SM-370-HA Multiple tool flatbed welding machine

SM-450-SA Multiple roll digital welding machine