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Anti-vandalism Curtains


Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for Anti-vandalism curtains

Our conveyor belt welders of the SM-321-HA series and the multiple bridge flatbed index welder SM-370-HA automatically apply anti-vandalism straps on the PVC panels and reduce the production time to a fraction of the time needed with the traditional manufacturing procedures. In addition to our customized welding and cutting machines for anti-vandalism curtains, we build welding stations to produce the anti-vandalism straps and traditional high-performance cutting machines to cut the PVC panels in any shape or form with great speed and precision.


Cutting Machines 

Whether you cut large to extra-large panels, squares and rectangles, curves, or even highly complex patterns, SolarEdge Automation Machines has the solution for your PVC-coated textile manufacturing needs. Our advanced technology combined with functionally designed tools and accessories allows you to cut an infinite range of shapes at high-speeds and with great precision.

SM-321-SV Roll-to-Roll Cutting Machines

SM-332-TA Digital Cutting System

SM-375-TA Digital Cutting Machines With Static Worktop


Welding and Gluing Machines

Our automatic linear welding and gluing machines, semi-automatic welding stations, and tailor-made multiple tool machines automate several steps in your production process, reducing cycle times while increasing your production: SolarEdge Automation Machines’ automated manufacturing solutions deliver the quality, efficiency and productivity you need.

SM-200-SA Stationary Head Welding Machine

SM-210-SA Linear Welding and Gluing Machine for XXL Panels

SM-216-SA Linear Welding and Gluing Machines


Special Machines

SolarEdge Automation Machines’ custom manufacturing solutions combine advanced technologies with traditional manufacturing methods to fit your production requirements.

SM-321-HA Multiple tool conveyor welding machine

SM-370-HA Multiple tool flatbed welding machine